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A hit man in prison confesses to murder to Scott Lewis, says wrong man was convicted.

“Which is why Smothers says he confessed to private investigator and former FOX 2 investigative reporter Scott Lewis. The private investigator was hired by Searcy’s family to look into his case. Lewis interviewed Smothers by phone during the course of that investigation – a confession played in court – in an effort to free Thelonious… Read more »

Jasmine Moody Case – Three Years Later

    Where is Jasmine Moody? Three years later, still no leads “Desperate for leads after nine months of searching, Jasmine’s mother and stepfather hired private investigator Scott Lewis to work with the Detroit Police Department on the case. Private Investigator Lewis joined police in their continued efforts, leading the community in ground searches for… Read more »

Young Mom Murdered, Police Investigation Botched?

Crime Watch Daily Instead of a card on mother’s day, a Roseville woman got a bullet straight through the heart. And 16 years later the killers could be walking free as two innocent men sit behind bars with a life sentence. Scott Lewis Private Investigations is on the case, interviewed by Crime Watch Daily in… Read more »

Scott Lewis Private Investigations Joins Hunt for Missing Detroit Woman

March 24, 2016 (Detroit) The heat was on in Northeast Detroit today as Scott Lewis Private Investigations teamed up with Detroit Police, Crime Stoppers and others, trying to solve a nagging mystery: what happened to Tamala (Nikki) Wells. The 33-year-old disappeared without a trace on August 6th, 2012 leaving her mother Donna Davis heart-broken and… Read more »


Ever heard of Cat-fishing? It’s a growing problem on social media and dating sites where people pretend to be someone they aren’t to hook people in. Potential victims are turning to me to find out if they are being scammed. I talked about this problem with Trudi, Jim, and Ryan on WCSX. My segment hits… Read more »