A hit man in prison confesses to murder to Scott Lewis, says wrong man was convicted.»

“Which is why Smothers says he confessed to private investigator and former FOX 2 investigative reporter Scott Lewis. The private investigator was hired by Searcy’s family to look into his case.

Lewis interviewed Smothers by phone during the course of that investigation – a confession played in court – in an effort to free Thelonious Searcy, who prosecutors still maintain is the real killer.

On the recording:

Lewis: “Vincent, who committed the murder of Jamal Segars?”

“I did,” Smothers says on tape.”

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Cops rule mother’s death a suicide – but daughter insists evidence ‘shows she was murdered’»

Michigan police botched an investigation into a mother’s death and wrongly concluded that she had committed suicide, her devastated daughter has claimed. Her daughter says she has evidence to prove that her mother, JoAnn Matouk Romain, 55, was actually murdered before her dead body was found floating in a river in Ontario in 2010.

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Why hire Scott Lewis Private Investigations? »