Detroit relives the Nancy Kerrigan attack with its role in ‘I, Tonya’»

Another person who’ll be in line for a ticket? Scott Lewis, now a private investigator, and then a Detroit TV news reporter who worked tirelessly to land scoops on the Kerrigan case.

Lewis was the first to report that the attack weapon was a collapsible baton. But his coup was breaking the story that the authorities were looking at a possible conspiracy and that Harding herself had been questioned by the FBI.

Before Lewis dug into investigating a tip that had come to Fox 2 Detroit, then known as Channel 2,  he reached for the phone. “I remember I called my wife and told her if this is true, it’s going to become an international story.”

Lewis spent a couple of days waiting somewhat anxiously for another news outlet to jump on the same story. What if somehow, despite all of his care, he had been wrong? But then the Oregonian of Portland, Ore., Harding’s hometown newspaper, reported that Gillooly, Eckhardt, Stant and Smith had been charged.

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