Jasmine Moody Case – Three Years Later»

    Where is Jasmine Moody? Three years later, still no leads “Desperate for leads after nine months of searching, Jasmine’s mother and stepfather hired private investigator Scott Lewis to work with the Detroit Police Department on the case. Private Investigator Lewis joined police in their continued efforts, leading the community in ground searches for… Read more »



Ever heard of Cat-fishing? It’s a growing problem on social media and dating sites where people pretend to be someone they aren’t to hook people in. Potential victims are turning to me to find out if they are being scammed. I talked about this problem with Trudi, Jim, and Ryan on WCSX. My segment hits… Read more »


Frank Beckmann Show»

Scott Lewis Private Investigations adds a new level of intrigue to the Lansing sex scandal when he’s hired by a local news agency to trace a cell phone number that was a critical issue in the case.  Scott reveals what he found on WJR’s Frank Beckmann Show.

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