When it comes to relationships, whether business or personal, sadly people aren’t always what they seem. When you need to know the truth call Scott Lewis Private Investigations for a complete, professional and confidential background check.

Beware of those “instant background checks” you see advertised on the Internet. In most cases they’re nothing more than web sites that mindlessly search through free public records or use outdated information then sell it to you at a huge markup. (Much of what you get will be information you already know.)

My extensive experience as an investigative reporter uncovering the truth about bad people who will stop at nothing to hide their secrets will provide you with the most accurate and detailed background checks…regardless of where the person lives.

By the way, I know that not all background checks are alike. I’ll tailor my level of service to suit your individual needs.

These are just some of secrets Scott Lewis Private Investigations can uncover for you:

  • Criminal Records
  • Criminal Convictions
  • Arrests
  • Prison Records
  • Sex Offenses
  • Driving Records
  • Vehicle Ownership
  • Past and Present Addresses
  • Neighborhood Profiles
  • Relatives
  • Real Ages
  • Phone Numbers
  • Lawsuits
  • Bankruptcy filings
  • Judgments and Liens
  • Corporate Ownership
  • Military Backgrounds
  • Property Ownerships
  • Domain Name ownerships
  • And more….

So, whether you’re a company that requires pre-employment background checks, a landlord screening a potential tenant, about to go into business with a questionable partner or concerned about the behavior of someone in your personal life, I’ll get you all the facts you need to make the right decisions.

Give yourself peace of mind.  Contact Scott Lewis Private Investigations today for a confidential consultation about your situation.