Lately we seem to be hearing a lot more stories about theft and scandal in the corporate world. From the lowest ranks of a company all the way to the top your “trusted” employees could actually be stealing you blind. And whether they’re going after money and inventory, chronically slacking-off, using company resources for personal gain, drinking or using drugs on the job, it’s a simple fact; rogue employees will quickly sink the business you worked so hard to create.

For many managers it’s hard to know where to turn when you suspect that these kinds of serious employee issues are going on. That’s exactly when you should turn to Scott Lewis Private Investigations. I spent 26 years as a TV Investigative Reporter uncovering public and private employee corruption at every level. Now I’ll help you stop your company’s problems cold, show you how to prevent new ones down the road and, in the more extreme cases, get you critical evidence you need to seek criminal prosecution.

Services we provide for corporate clients include video surveillance, undercover stings, and critical face-to-face employee interviews.

If you have a unique problem in your company our trained investigators will help you solve it.

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