Legendary attorney Melvin Belli once said, “If your investigator is good enough, most any lawyer will do.”  That’s a bit of hyperbole, but there’s no question that hiring the right investigator really can make you a winner.

During my 26 years of TV reporting I’ve investigated hundreds of crimes, working the streets, day and night, alongside some of the best police investigators, prosecutors and defense attorneys in the business. I am very proud to say I earned their respect for my thoroughness, integrity and investigative skills.

Scott Lewis Private Investigations will team up with your firm to help give your client the best possible defense.

I’ll review every element with a reporter’s eye for detail and look for holes in the prosecutions case.  Using techniques I’ve developed with decades of day-to-day experience I can interview and re-interview witnesses to find the truth.  I know how to do thorough background investigations on witnesses to establish or undermine their credibility. I can work the streets, phones and computer better than anyone in town to find new witnesses that might have been overlooked.

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