Scott Lewis Private Investigations Joins Hunt for Missing Detroit Woman»

March 24, 2016 (Detroit)
The heat was on in Northeast Detroit today as Scott Lewis Private Investigations teamed up with Detroit Police, Crime Stoppers and others, trying to solve a nagging mystery: what happened to Tamala (Nikki) Wells. The 33-year-old disappeared without a trace on August 6th, 2012 leaving her mother Donna Davis heart-broken and desperate for answers. Davis asked Scott Lewis to join the investigation hoping to come up with new information that will help police crack the case. Lewis joined Crime Stoppers, police officers, local ministers and community activists at a news conference in the 19,000 block of Coventry near I-75 and State Fair where Tamala’s car was found abandoned. Crime Stoppers offered a reward for information on the case, then, the group hit the streets, passing out flyers and talking to area residents in search of new clues.

FOX 2, Local 4, Channel 7, Newsradio 950 (WWJ) and The Detroit News covered the event. For the full story, click here

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“We are hoping that media coverage will generate a tip that will close this case, but we also learned some new information today while canvassing the neighborhood where Tamara’s car was found”, Lewis said.

If you know something about the case, please call Crime Stoppers. If you provide information that helps solve the case you can collect the reward money without ever giving your name to anyone.

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