For decades, I’ve worked the streets of Metro Detroit as a TV Investigative Journalist. For many of you, I’ll always be remembered as the lead investigator on the FOX 2 Problem Solvers busting bad guys with my eye-popping undercover investigations. I exposed everything from cheaters; scam artists and criminals to notorious corrupt politicians. You watched as I confronted tough-guys and scoundrels on camera and made them squirm. But there was no wiggling off the hook. I always had my facts straight and, more times than not, I had all the “goods” on videotape.

While the reports were entertaining, the work was very serious. I held people accountable and helped make positive changes in neighborhoods all across Metro Detroit. The stories got people talking and often encouraged change.

Chances are good my work has even helped you through better public services, safer streets, and business people who were “scared straight” because they knew that I was always watching.

In 2010 I left FOX 2 to join the WXYZ, Channel 7 investigative unit. I spent three years there doing the same kind of hard-hitting, groundbreaking investigations that I’ve produced throughout my TV career.

Over the years every investigation was personal to me. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to make sure the victims were taken care of and the predators were punished. I always worked hard to get to the bottom of every case and to make sure I did it ethically.

And now I want to put that same passion, experience and determination to work for you as a licensed private investigator.