Criminal Record Search

Do you need to know whether someone has been charged with, or convicted of, a crime?   Be leery of Web Sites offering “free” nationwide criminal background checks.  These services are not free and you won’t get the results you are looking for. Scott Lewis Private Investigations has the real experience and knowledge to uncover the information you need.  Call today to determine what level of criminal record search best fits your situation.

Undercover Operations

Is your business plagued by employee theft, drug use, misuse of company resources, or even corporate espionage?  Are your employees doing personal business on company time?  Any one of these issues can quickly destroy everything you’ve worked so hard to build.   My expert and effective undercover surveillance techniques will get the evidence you need to end these problems once and for all.   Contact Scott Lewis Private Investigations today to tailor a strategy to solve your problem.

Restaurant and Bar Investigations

Every cash business is at great risk for employee theft.  From stealing money and inventory to sneaking free drinks and food to their friends, it happens far too often in an industry that has high employee turnover. Left unchecked these problems can kill your bottom line. Scott Lewis Private Investigations will use a variety of techniques, including hidden cameras, to find out what your employees are doing behind your back, and in the case of theft, get you the evidence you need to prosecute. Contact me today for a free confidential consultation.

Probate Services

While some Internet-based companies doing estate research take a significant portion of the inheritance involved, I believe in charging on a hourly basis (which generally results in a significant savings for you.)

My team of investigators is highly skilled at locating heirs and verifying relationships between the deceased person and their heirs or beneficiaries. And whether it’s probate research seeking to disperse assets from an unclaimed estate, or working with heirs to estates, potential heirs, probate attorneys and trust officers appointed by the courts, you can count on Scott Lewis Private Investigations to get the job done right.

High Profile/Celebrity Services

I’m the only Michigan private investigator who truly understands what it’s like to be in the public eye.  I lived it as a high-profile TV reporter for 25 years.  If you’re an entertainer, athlete, prominent politician, or in the spotlight for any reason your case will benefit from my unique perspective. I know how important it is to keep your secrets. I’ll handle your case with the same discretion that I used to relentlessly protect the identities of my news sources for decades. If you’re in the public eye, don’t trust a stranger. Trust Scott Lewis Investigations.

Unique Situations

Not every personal or business problem fits into a pre-defined category.  In my years reporting news on the streets of this town I covered some of the most unique issues you can imagine.  No matter why you need Scott Lewis Investigations I welcome your call.  Let’s discuss it and see if we can find the right solution for you. Remember, consultations are free and confidential.