As an attorney preparing a case you want to step into the courtroom armed with the best information possible.  You need the answer to every question that could come up at trial.  Scott Lewis Private Investigations is uniquely qualified to help bulletproof your case.

In 26 years of reporting I’ve spent countless hours in courtrooms, from the district level all the way to federal court, covering every type of case imaginable. I understand how you work, I speak your language and I know the system inside out.  I will tenaciously pursue the information you need, while always maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Here are some or the areas where Scott Lewis Private Investigations can help you:

Locating Witnesses

Over the years I’ve tracked down some of the hardest people to find. I have the experience, the resources and the contacts to find witnesses for you quickly, saving you time and money.

Interviewing and Taking Statements

During my years of Investigative reporting I had plenty of doors slammed in my face, but I never stopped until I got what I was after.  It takes skill and persistence to get information from people who are reluctant to talk.

I also have special training in the Reid technique from the John Reid and Associates school of interviewing and interrogation. Scott Lewis Investigations can get you the witness statements that will hold up in court and shore up your case.

Background Checks

Information is power.  Scott Lewis Private Investigations knows exactly how to dig deeper into a person’s background to uncover the facts and nuances that other investigators might miss.


One picture is worth…you know!  Getting irrefutable undercover video was my trademark as an investigative reporter and now I will put that skill and experience to work for you.

Contact Scott Lewis Investigations today and I’ll show you how I can give you the upper hand with professional litigation support.